Shanghai JEFA machinery Co.,ltd is a API 6A &ISO 9001:2008 certified comany serves customers internationally include designs,develops and manufactures of follow products:

1 Wellhead and X-mas tree,Casing head/tubing head/tubing spool/Frac head/Studded Cross&tee/ Wecoadapters/Flanges/Drilling spools/BHTA etc

2 FC gate valves/WKM expanding valves/Demco mud valves/BSO gate valves/Hydraulic gate valve/ plug valves/H2 Chokes

3 Valve parts: Gate,Seat,Stem,Body bushing,seat seals,stem packing ,ring gasket etc (interchangeable)


For all the time we have been supporting our customers with high quality,short lead times,competitive prices and excellent customer servive,please check out our website at www.jefachina.com or email us at sales@jefachina.com !